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Ellie is a Leuven-based illustrator/tattooist. Ever since he could hold a pencil no surface was safe, be it the walls of his room, schoolbooks, kids in school,…

After making his mother give birth to him, he spent the first couple of years living in the Republic of South Korea and later on in life he travelled back to Asia several times. Here he picked up a passion for written languages, cultures and history.

At a young age he enrolled in art classes and whatnot and later went on to get a degree in Animation Film at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels.
As an illustrator his media evolved from pencils to brushes to digital, which he often mixes to create multi-layered dynamic effects. The human skin just became another, new, exciting challenge. So at some point (2015-ish?) he just started practicing with needles on himself, friends and the tourmanager of Taylor Swift.

His big interest in design must have come from the traditional designs and cultures he experienced during travel. Simple abstract shapes and patterns, calligraphy and symbols,… These represent an old tradition, going back to the beginnings of human culture and civilisation and could quite possibly be seen as some of humanities oldest art-forms. Using this as a basic concept he likes to blend in more modern influences like Art Nouveau, Street-art, comic-books, … just to name a few.