We’re offering a wide range of frames in wood, aluminum or PVC from classic to modern. From simple to unusual with or without passe-partout. 

The picture frame is a system for providing your frame with a poster or drawing in an easy way. At the back there are clamps that you turn to the side so that you can remove the back (mdf) from the frame, insert your poster and clamp it back. All this in an instant and for very favorable prices.

Of course, we also offer anti-reflective glass with UV protection.

A dust-proof frame protects your picture.

We are also happy to frame objects such as jerseys, collages or your favorite signed CD.


In addition to the wide choice of fixed frames, you can have your frame made to measure, for which you can choose from more than 1000 models, ranging from classic to modern.

Examples of works that are mainly framed by us are:
watercolor, batik work, cartoon, collage, diplomas, etchings, dried insects, gobelin, gouache, graphics, charcoal drawing, cards, painting, tanka, texts, t-shirts, greeting cards, art prints, lithograph, etching, sewing, papyrus, pearl cloth, pastel, pen drawing, plans, poster, puzzles, screen printing, silk painting, etc…

For framing with glass or acrylic you can choose from the following types:

• Clear glass
• Clear UV-resistant glass
• Anti-reflective glass
• Museum glass
• Clear acrylic

Everything is completely custom made in all styles and price ranges.
It takes approximately 3 weeks to frame your completely customised work.


A passe-partout creates a distance between the work to be framed and the glass, in addition, a passe-partout gives the work a rich appearance. We have a wide range of passe-partouts in the best materials at very favorable prices.

By means of professional equipment, passe-partouts are cut to size to the nearest millimetre.


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