Thierry Buisson – Unknown title


Etch by Thierry Buisson (1954-….)

  • Year: ….
  • State: Excellent condition
  • Total dimensions: ±42,5 x ±25 cm (unframed)
  • Dimensions picture: 33 x ±17 cm (unframed)
  • Signed: Yes, painted (lower right corner)
  • Numbered: No

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Thierry Buisson was born in 1954, in Paris. Since 1980, after a stint at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and in engraving workshops in the capital, he has been a painter, engraver and since 2014, also practices ceramics.

Thierry Buisson is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1954 in Paris. He graduated from the National Superior School of Fine Arts of his hometown, he emerged in the 90s as a leading figure in the contemporary scene. His work is exhibited internationally in numerous galleries, in Paris, Washington, Orne and Nantes. His works are also presented in numerous fairs, such as the Salon de Mai, the International Exhibition of Prints, among others, as well as on International Contemporary Art Fairs, in Stockholm, New York, Paris and Madrid. Thierry Buisson has also illustrated numerous books (“All this City”)- Text by Dominique Joubert, “The Farewells”- Text by Pierre D’Ovidio, “Fragments”- Text by Thierry Buisson.


Let’s talk a bit about me and my “drawing” journey. I started drawing quite early by copying comic book characters. it was the daltons, lucky luke, mickey and his band etc. I liked finding myself for hours in front of my drawing and seeing it evolve. And then, the revelation, the comic strip that will make me give up color for black and white. CONAN THE BARBARIAN, a comic drawn by an Italian, I believe, with drawings of landscapes and great characters, which in addition to the story, immerse me in the thumbnail which sometimes took up half the page. These were very detailed and expressive. New turning point in black and white drawing on a book that a friend made me discover. A bible should I say for lovers of architecture and the Middle Ages. Written by VIOLLET LE DUC, it deals with his restoration work on various monuments, clothing, armor, weapons, furniture from the Middle Ages. This book is illustrated by itself with superb drawings. I didn’t need more to associate black and white with architecture and all the other subjects I came across. I went to the south in 2003, where I started taking photos of architecture, old buildings or religious buildings that I decided to reproduce in India ink. Self-taught, I look for myself then find my technique that I constantly renew over my drawings. Each one has made an intimate study, a research on the desired result. I want a rendering as true as possible without copying the grays of the originals, but the result must be harmonious and realistic. following the subjects I continue to learn, and evolve by adapting to photography. thank you.






Main engraving exhibitions since 1992

Gallery Henry – Pau

Print Triennial – Chamalières

Lock Gallery – Paris

MAC 2000 – Paris

Hune Brenner Gallery – Paris

3rd Engraving Biennial of Ile-de-France – Versailles

International Print Fair – Paris

The Good Little Devil Gallery – Paris

La Perrière art market – Orne

Perche cider house – L’Hermitière – Orne

Martin Irvine Gallery – Washington, USA

Workshop Index – Arts Viaduct – Paris

Arts Pluriels Gallery – Nantes

Vallis Clausa Gallery – Fontaine de Vaucluse

Radwan Gallery – Comblot, Orne

Local modern art fair n°0, n°1, Paris

Contemporary Print Day 2018 – Place Saint-Sulpice – Paris


Trade Shows in Paris

News Realities

The line

May fair

International Print Fair


International Contemporary Art Fairs

Stockholm with the Anne Lettré gallery, Stampa Madrid with Namy Caulier, New York and

Saga Fiac Paris edition… with Jacqueline de Champvallins editions


Illustrated books

This whole city – Text by Dominique Joubert

Material Hau – Text by Dominique Joubert

Passing by the shores – Text by Dominique Joubert

Farewells – Text by Pierre d’Ovidio

Fragments – Texts by Thierry Buisson


Buisson Thierry