Mireille Robbe – L’Arbre Chapelle (2017)


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Edition details / Used techniques

The drawing is protected with a fixative/UV resistant spray, no glass.

  • Pencil on black paper
  • Framed in a wooden frame, stained black with silver details
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 102 cm
    • Height: 137 cm

L’Arbre Chapelle is inspired by the chapels that you can find on the streets. L’Arbre Chapelle is a very old tree with a central hollow, its natural niche. There is no Mary statue in this but a vial of dew water, nature’s elixir of life. Sitting in dew of the spring months a salt that brings nature back to life by allowing overwintered seeds to germinate.

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Mireille Robbe

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