Doctor Purosurpo & The Evazan Orchestra – Part 2


Title: Doctor Purosurpo & The Evazan Orchestra – Part 2
Written & produced: Jens Erikkson
Label: Oval Harmonique
Catalog nr: OHDIG012
Release date: August 21, 2021
Media: Digital
Genre: Instrumental Hip-Hop, Experimental, Electronic
Artwork: MadeInRealtime
Mastering: Julien Guillot aka Stazma The Junglechrist / Repeat Eater @ Electric Voyage Studio


The sound-surgeon’s adventures continues…. … .. .

Jens Eriksson has released music for more than two decades. Ranging from interstellar drones to twisted psytrance and from hiphop/triphop to experimental electronica.
Known from various projects and collaborations such as Purosurpo, Derango, Doctor Evazan, Hallucinogenic Horses and Nge Duo, every project is unique in it’s own way,

Doctor Purosurpo and the Evazan Orchestra first melted together in 2017 when Jens decided that two of his music-personalities should finally meet face-to-face and brain-to-brain after many years of keeping them apart because they had multi-dimensional sound-battles and sonic fights over studio time.
Nowadays they get along well and they already made an EP in 2018, and now it’s time for the second chapter that comes in the shape of another EP from this split-musicality collaboration.



Doctor Evazan, Purosurpo


Electronic, Experimental, Hip-Hop, Instrumental




Oval Harmonique

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